About Dias Art Prize

The Dias Art Prize is a newly founded biennial award for artists under 35. Our goal is to support talented contemporaries in the development of their artistic practice. Winners of the prize receive a significant grant and a platform to crystallise, execute and showcase a new project.

The DIAS Foundation was founded at the end of the century to support innovation in the arts and sciences. Since the early 2000s the foundation solely supports practicing artists, with a focus on individual projects.


Artists can be nominated in three ways. The DIAS Foundation has invited a team of professionals from the international art world to scout and select an artist each. Selected institutions will get the opportunity to nominate artists starting January 2020. In May 2020 applications will open to the public.


Is it free to apply?

Yes. We never ask you to pay in order to participate. It is an art prize, not a lottery.

How is the winner decided?

The Dias Art Prize is awarded by an independent jury of art world experts. The members of the jury remain undisclosed throughout the process.

How many people can win each season?

The Dias Art Prize is divided into a first, second and third place.

How large is the grant?

We do not disclose the size of the grant. Each grant is custom-made to fit the winner's project proposal. Specifics will remain undisclosed, for the privacy of the winner.

How will I be notified if I am on the shortlist?

If you are selected, you will be contacted via e-mail or post. In special circumstances we may try to call your provided phone number. You will be disqualified if you fail to respond within 14 working days.

What are my duties as a participant?

If you are selected for the shortlist, you are asked to write a project proposal. The guidelines for this proposal will be communicated at that time.

I cannot apply due to an error

In case of an error you can always contact our support team. Before doing so, please make sure you are eligible to participate.

Why am I ineligible?

We work with strict terms to maintain the quality that we envision. This means that not everyone can participate at this time. Please see our terms for participation below for more information.

Why was I disqualified?

Sadly we cannot correspond about disqualifications. We encourage you to apply again for the next edition.

Do my chances vary if I am not scouted or selected by someone else?

All nominations are presented to our jury in an equal fashion, without mention of a nominator.

When does nomination open to the public?

We aim to open these on May 1st (2020). Please sign-up to our mailing list to receive actual information regarding public nomination.

Will I be able to nominate myself/someone else?

Yes. Please note that you may only nominate a single person, including yourself.

I am currently in postgraduate education, can I be nominated?

Yes, on the condition that your education is relevant to your practice.

Terms for Participation

The Dias Art Prize accepts applications from artists that work in any field or with any media. We cannot however accept anyone that works only as an applied artist, designer, architect, performance artist, traditional artist or musician.

* must be older than 21 and younger than 35 at the time of application.
* may not be in education at a bachelor (or lower) institution.
* may not have an annual income higher than $30,000 or equivalent.
* must have two consecutive years of experience as an artist (not in art education).
* are actively practicing at a professional, national or international level.
* must be nominated before the applications are closed.
* must be able to write a project proposal in English.
* when nominated for the shortlist must be able to attend the official announcement event in November 2020 (exact date TBC).

The Dias Art Prize will in no case be awarded to institutions, members of the jury (or their relations), members of the DIAS Foundation board (or their relations) or anyone who has previously received a Dias Art Prize or other form of support from the DIAS Foundation.

These terms are a minimum requirement and meeting them is not sufficient to be shortlisted. The Dias Art Prize retains the full right to adjust these terms at any time and at their own discretion.

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